Off To A Great Start…

This morning started great….I had a great night sleep, woke up and finished packing, and then went to Margie’s for a great roomie breakfast. Jeff and Annessa brought me to the airport and stayed with me to check in and of course with my luck….my flight to Toronto is 3 hours late which forced me to miss my connecting flight to Copenhagen.. So, Jeff being “Super-Dad” called Air Canada and tried to figure out what to do to get me to Copenhagen as soon as possible. The only option was for me to fly out at the same times tomorrow unfortunately.. We debated driving to Toronto to make my connecting flight but it was cutting it close so we played it safe and took the flight for tomorrow… Jeff then proceeded to try and persuade the customer service woman into upgrading me to First Class but, apparently she didn’t have the power to do so, so he is emailing the customer service representative for Air Canada. First Class and free drinks? That would be nice = ]. So I am now enjoying one more night at the house with the roomies. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Suck it Air Canada…

so this is what I did instead..


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