So Jeff brought me to the Rochester Airport again, and thankfully the flight was on time. I took off in an 18 seater, this plane was very small and thankfully a quick flight. I made it to Toronto, went through customs and before I knew it, I was boarding my flight to Copenhagen. We left a half hour late because of “baggage issues” which worried me, but when I landed in Copenhagen my luggage was there. = ]

The Copenhagen Airport was sooo beautiful! There were beautiful wood floors and the walls were lined with large geometric pieces made with bright colors (very modern and resembling art from the De Stijl movement). After I picked up my luggage, I called my SRA ( Social & Residential Advisor) and he informed me of how to arrive at my housing (the Kollegiums) from the Airport. He told me to take the Metro, which thankfully was located right in the Airport. The ticket was 24.00 DKK (which is about $4.50 US Dollars) and when I got at my stop my SRA (Magnus) was there to pick me up and walk me to my building. I unpacked, got settled in and then had to figure out how to get to school. So I pulled out my handy-dandy map of Copenhagen and just started walking. I ended up taking the long way to the metro, which I didn’t mind because it just gave me more time to look around and it was beautiful outside! It was sunny and about 71 degrees, which is really hot for Copenhagen. When I reached the Metro Station a nice man helped me print out my ticket, showed me which metro to get on, and pointed me in the right direction when I got off. All of the Dane’s I’ve met so far have been so nice and friendly.

I made it to school and received an envelope with all of my papers and cards. I was given a Metro Pass, a student ID card (which gets me into the school buildings), a food stipend card, a book bag, and scholarship check. The woman told me my first class starts tomorrow at 8:30 am, suggested I speak to other students about what I’ve missed and then told me I was all set for the day. I finally got to meet up with my friends Blenda and Breanna which I was really looking forward to! They caught me up and informed me about some of the things that I’ve missed, and told me it wasn’t much or very important.

So we set off and walked around the city for a few hours. We stopped and picked up some things we needed and went grocery shopping. We all purchased a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on and to cook with. When we got home I wanted some of the grapes that I bought. As soon as I bit into one, it tasted weird, so I looked up the definition of “Stikkelsbaer”…it means goose berries.. I now know I do not like goose berries..

To end the day the three of us are going out for ice cream = ]


One thought on “I MADE IT!

  1. Kristin, I enjoyed your photos very much and your writing was good in letting all of us know how it was for you on your first day. Am looking forward to more postings. Much love, Jan (Cousin in CA)

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