First Day of Classes!

Today was a longg day..

The morning started great. Because of the jet lag I passed out last night as soon as my head hit the pillow around 10:00 pm. I woke up bright and early at 6:00 am, well rested and ready to start the day. I was nervous about the shower but it wasn’t that bad. The only annoying thing about it is you can’t use the bathroom for like 30 min after because the floor is soaking wet.

Our first class was at 8:30, so Blenda, Brenna and I headed out around 7:30 to be safe. On the way we stopped to get coffee and tea and I found a coffee shop with AMAZING Iced Chai Tea. = ] Our first lecture was on Architectural Models. It hit all of the main reasons to build models, and showed us the history of model making starting back with the egyptians. My favorite part was when they started showing images of famous architects with their models, playing with them, rearranging them and how they chose to build their model to have the project commissioned. After that we were handed our 1st assignment sheet and given our groups. My group was 4 students, but one never came, so now its 2 other girls and myself. One is an Interior Architecture graduate student at RISD and the other an interior design student from Pratt Institute. We were sent up to our studio spaces to start working on our first assignment and met our Studio Advisor who is also one of our Professors. She’s a really sweet danish woman. Our first assignment has to do with building a model of one of the sites we will see on our tours next week. We were assigned the Chapel of Holy Cross in Turku, Finland. We have to present our model this coming monday, so there’s no time to spare. We all got along really well and put together a great design plan to approach this building. Tonight we are all doing sketches and research to start. The research is really important for our study tours because even though the model will be built, when we visit the site within the next few weeks, we will be talking to the class about the building and guiding them through it.

We were going to go home to eat lunch, but we ended up leaving the studio around noon and our next lecture was at 2:30. So we stayed downtown and got lunch. After lunch I went into the library and did research for about an hour and a half before class.

Our next class was “Vernacular Architecture in Denmark & Beyond.” haha.. and beyond. I loved this Professor and the lecture. Vernacular means Domestic, so it was all about how different architectural styles have been adapted and used in different environments.

Our last lecture was “Intro to 20th Century Scandinavian Architecture”. It was another really great lecture. I knew most of the architects he had spoke about but I learned a great deal more about them and their buildings. During this lecture I was introduced to many architects I had never studied before, and we were shown some beautiful buildings in Copenhagen we will be visiting and most likely run into on our travels. This class requires a large amount of readings, but all really interesting articles, etc.

To be honest at this point I was dying. Though it was another beautiful day in Copenhagen (76 degrees and sunny), sitting in this hot building for the last 6-8 hours was becoming uncomfortable. Everyone was waving there papers around fanning themselves, the desk were really close together, and the tallest kid in the class decided to sit in front of me all 3 lectures, so I could barely see the board. I had to keep bobbing left and right, taking bits and pieces of each sentence because of all these obstacles. Haha. As you can imagine, this would get frustrating after a while.

We got out of class around 6:00 pm today and headed for home, we were all exhausted. On the way home I picked up a loaf of fresh bread & brie and we cooked up some of the fresh vegetables we bought yesterday. It was awesome = ]


2 thoughts on “First Day of Classes!

  1. Looks great!!! Please call me using 001 before our number. I need to speak to you about the phone usage. It’s important.

  2. I didn’t really know why you were in Denmark, but now I know that you probably want to be an architect and what a lovely experience you are having. Love all your pictures so that I can know about Denmark also. Good luck! Love, Jan

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