Day 3! Open Air Museum

So today our first lecture was “Intro to Sketchbook” at 8:30 am. It was mostly telling us the benefits to sketching and how to set up and create a great sketchbook. She gave us a lot of useful tips about different mediums to use, what things to look for, and what things to have on you to help with your sketches. Right after that we had “Interior Sketching”. This was all about how to sketch the important parts of the space and emphasize certain things. They showed us a great examples from the MIT Chapel Building by Eero Saarinen. We looked at Eero Saarinen’s sketches he did before construction to get an idea of what he was trying to create and what his original idea was. It made a lot of sense and was really interesting to see. One of our assignments throughout our time here is to keep a “Visual Journal” ( sketchbook ) so both of these lectures prepared us really well.

After that we had a 30 min break and had to meet a few blocks away for the bus to pick us up and bring us to The Open Air Museum! In the Vernacular Architecture lecture I had yesterday we learned about farm houses in Scandinavia and about some of the interesting building techniques, materials and style used back then. What I found most interesting about that is how some of those techniques and materials have been adapted in some shape or form and are used today. We arrived around 12:30 and started our tour. This place was HUGE, you seriously could get lost in this place. They call it the Open Air Museum because everything is out doors and you walk around freely to what you want to see. We saw farm houses from just about every region in Denmark, the Faeroe Islands, Southern Sweden and Northern Germany. It was so much fun! They had farm animals there too, pigs, sheep, goats, horses! So cute! We did about an hour of sketching, but for the most part we walked around and checked out all the sites. The houses were so pretty and it was interesting to see the way they built in different regions and countries. Since we had that lecture, it was easy to understand why they used certain materials, and why they oriented the houses the way they did, etc. All together it made it “vernacular architecture” very easy to understand in these regions. We left the museum around 5:00 pm and headed back to school. I met with my group for a little bit to discuss our progress on Assignment 1 and then headed home.

For the rest of the night I’m doing my readings and getting a good night sleep = ]

Danish Word of the Day: Udgang. It means Exit. Good word to know.


One thought on “Day 3! Open Air Museum

  1. I absolutely love this, i.e., hearing about your day. Seeing all the beautiful pictures too. I’m so proud of you! Love, Mom & Dad

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