Day 4 First Night to the Bars!

So yesterday was a pretty good day. I arrived at school around 8:45 am for our computer tutorial. This was to inform us how to use the server system, the process for electronic submissions and the process for plotting and printing. After that our group met up to discuss our plan of attack for the day and go over it with our teacher. We then headed to a supply store to get foam core, glue, spray mount, scales and rulers. As soon as we got back we had a lecture on Modernism in Scandinavia (a continuation from 20th Century Scandinavian Architecture). I LOVE these lectures. We really go into depth on some of these Architects and were shown buildings we’ll be seeing around Copenhagen and on our field tours. Right after that we had a lecture on The Poetry of Space in Sigurd Lewerentz’s Architecture. I really enjoyed how Our Professor explained the spirituality in his work and emphasized how thoughtful and beautiful Sigurds Architecture is. Another interesting fact is this Architect was still active and building until he was 78 years old. We got out of class around 4:30 pm and raced home to get ready for our DIS Social Event.

We arrived at the Studenterhuset (College Bar close to school) around 7:30 pm and received two free drink tickets and a free food ticket. = ] I tried the Oelfabrikken Pale Ale and the Oelfabrikken classic. Both Delicious! Everyone was really friendly, I met a lot of students from different programs at DIS and made some friends. = ] A large group of us met up and headed for A Bar aka.. The Australian Bar. lol It was so much fun. There were large fake crocodiles..I didn’t enjoy them.. We got there at 10:45, just in time! They had free beer from 11-12! I got to know the students in my program a lot better and had such a great night! & basically drank for free! A few of us called it a night and headed home around 12.

Random Fact: You can walk everywhere with your beer. A lot of people just walk around with there beers, and some get too rowdy and smash there bottles on the ground.. there’s broken glass everywhere…


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