The Models are Complete!

Soo this weekend was pretty crazy with model building.

Saturday morning I went into the studio around 11:00 am and got right to work on the models. My group and I got a large chunk of it done and decided to head home around 9:30 pm. That is all saturday consists of, I’m sorry its not very interesting.

The sun sets here around 11:00 pm and rises around 3:00 am, so because I forgot to close my shades, sunday morning I was woken up by the sun at 4:30 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I went on run. I ran a few kilometers away from my Kolleguim and then pretty far down one of the main roads. It was really beautiful, the streets were dead for the most part but the sun was out and it was pretty warm. I not only got to do some site seeing, but had some time to reflect on some things I’ve had on my mind, and I now have a better idea of the businesses surrounding where I live. I got back around 7:00 am, napped for a bit, and left for school around 11:00 am. When I arrived, my group and I got right to work. We worked on both of our models all day and finished around 9:30 pm. I was so happy and couldn’t wait to head home to get a good night sleep for presentation the next day. I walked to the metro and got there around 10:00 pm, only to find out that it was out of service from 10:00-11:00 pm. Apparently Copenhagen has gotten more rain Saturday and Sunday than they usually get all summer. So I walked to the bus stop to try to figure it out and asked a man for help. He told me I would have to take a few different buses. So being afraid of getting lost in Copenhagen all night by myself, I decided to wait for the metro. I walked and got an ice cream and sat on a bench. I people-watched for a while and listened while some guy down the street played the flute. I walked back to the metro at 11:00pm and there was ANOTHER 30 min delay. I waited and waited..and waited. Finally at 12:00, my train came and I got home at 12:30 and crashed immediately.

This morning I crawled out of bed, got dressed up for presentation and headed to school at 7:30 am to meet my group at 8:00 am to go over what we were going to say. I wrote down a large paragraph and read it over a few times. The way our presentations and critiques worked was we critiqued groups 3 times and we were critiqued 3 times. So really I presented 3 times today. Once to just a group, one time with a different group and a few Professors, and one time with a different group and my Studio Advisor. For once I didn’t shake or stutter, and I wasn’t that nervous. I spoke clearly, hit all of the key points and after every presentation, the next one improved. All of the critics gave me really good feedback and said I had a great introduction /  speech. On top of that, our models got great critiques as well. All of the critics and Professors said we executed the project/ models really well in that we emphasized the key points of the building and architecture. SUCCESS! I feel as though I’m really improving with my presentations and my speaking, as well as my understanding for structure and architecture. I learned a lot from this project and from sitting down and listening to other groups presentations.
I’ve learned so much about Scandinavian Architecture in this little amount of time and its all really sinking in! I really enjoyed how this all was laid out, even though it was really quick start and a really intense weekend, I can already see myself learning a great deal and retaining a lot of the information.

Happy 4th of July Everyone! HOORAY AMERICA!


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