Northern Copenhagen Field Study

Yesterday we went on an All-Day Field Study around Northern Copenhagen from about 10:30 am to 8:30 pm and stopped at 5 different sites.

We arrived at school at 8:30 am for a brief lecture on Sensing Nordic Culture. This was basically introducing us to what we would be visiting and seeing on our Week long field tour to Sweden and Finland coming up this Saturday. We were then handed a packet with all of the information and sites we were visiting for the day.

Our first stop was Skraplanet. It is a Co-Housing Development. Its laid out so that the development is very communal and acts as a family but when necessary there is room for privacy. There is only 33 homes in this development, its apparently the magic number. If there were more houses people wouldn’t bond as well, and if there were less houses people would most likely bicker more. They have basketball courts, pools, a common garden area, and what we would call a community center I suppose. There was an eating area, kitchen, sitting areas and game rooms. The people were very nice and welcoming. We got to see the inside of one of the houses and when we arrived at the community center they provided fresh strawberries and an elderflower drink. The elderflower drink was AMAZING! It looked like lemonade, so thats what I was expecting but its soo much better. I was told they take this flower and steep it in sugar water for 24 hours. After that they usually add some lemon as well. It takes like a tea, and has a hint of mint.

After that we went to the Bagsvaerd Kirke Church by John Utzon, who we have been studying a lot in our lectures. The ceiling in this church is what I found the most interesting because of how it curves and how we directed light into the space. We stayed for about an hour and did some sketches on the interesting architectural features for our visual journal.

We then moved on to the Grundtvigskirken Church. When we arrived I was so excited, it was breathe taking. Its such a huge church with such huge arches and really beautiful brick work. Being inside of it made me feel so little. We stayed here for about an hour as well and did some sketches. You could here a pin drop in here, it was so quiet and every little sound echoed throughout the space.

Our next stop was the Paustian, which is a furniture showroom on the water. I was in heaven. This building was awesome, it was clean and simple and brought in so much light into the space, perfect for a showroom. There were so many windows and skylights, so much of the interior was exposed to natural light and a beautiful view onto the harbor. Beyond all that IT WAS A MODERN FURNITURE SHOWROOM! I saw so many beautiful pieces I’ve studied, used before in projects, and a bunch of new stuff! They even had a cute little kid section with tiny little modern furniture = ] So cute.

Our last stop was the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This was incredible.  We came here to check out the building and there happened to be an exhibit on Architecture as well! We saw models for some urban development projects, abstract architectural models, and some drawings and paintings as well. We also had the chance to check out some of the other modern art there, all of it was really cool …. and strange. Most modern art is very strange, but I still found it very interesting. OH! And the security guards at the museum had us wear our book bags on the front so we didn’t knock anything with them on our back. That was strange as well, makes sense though I suppose. When I went to the gift shop they had so many architecture books! I wanted all of them! They were all on modern architects and architecture from all over the world. I skimmed through a few and didn’t want to put them down. They were all really expensive though.

The last hour at the museum, I sat at the top of the hill over looking the water, enjoying a glass of white wine and sketching with my friends. = ]

Just a little side observation. I’ve noticed Danish Couples are very affectionate. I’m not talking kissing and hugging, I mean full on groping, grabbing and hard core making out. Sometimes the stuff I’ve seen can be cute I guess? romantic even? But most the time it makes me uncomfortable and it weirds me out that its in front of so many people. But it seems very normal over here, everyone does it… A LOT.


2 thoughts on “Northern Copenhagen Field Study

  1. Kristin, I’m enjoying your messages so much and would like to contribute to you buying a book on architecture. Not sure how to get money to you so you can buy one. I’ll let you figure it out. I have an account with PayPal. Have seen some of the furniture here in CA in Scandanavian stores – the one with little round circles and the red couches and table and chairs. We have Ikea stores near Palo Alto so have purchased some furniture from them.

    It sounds as though you are totally enjoying yourself. Much love, Jan

  2. These pictures are fantastic, beautiful and awesome. How old was Grundvigskirken? RIT to get back to me. I feel like I’m on vacation with you, sort of, lol. Love, Mom

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