Finland: Day 1

Tuesday morning we had breakfast on the boat quick at 6:30 am and got back on the bus to head for Turku. Our first stop was the Resurrection Chapel and the Chapel of The Holy Cross. The Chapel of The Holy Cross was the chapel I built for Assignment 1, this meant I had to give a presentation first thing when we got there, and explain the idea’s behind the Chapel and some interesting facts. I was really impressed by this Chapel. After studying it and building it I thought I knew what to expect entering the building but I was really blown away. While sketching in the chapel my professor came to ask me how I felt about it and I told her I wished the artificial lighting was off so we could experience the chapel in its natural form how it was intended to be. My Professor agreed and went to find the light switches and accidentally turned on the church bell. Haha.

I knew the building was meant to be a crematorium as well but I wasn’t expecting it to be happening while we were there. When we walked up to the chapel there was black smoke coming out of the chimney and a few students went into the basement and watched as they put the coffin into the chamber. The workers there were actually really nice and told us some interesting information about cremations as well.

Around 12:30 we had lunch in the city and then had a 4 hour bus ride to our next site, the Kuokkalan Church, in Jyvaskyla. This church was just recently built in 2010 and one of the Architects from the firm who built the church explained to us how they combined the architecture from traditional finnish church with modern ideas. It was a nice change from some of the older churches we were seeing and it a really pretty church.

We then left and stopped at the City Market in Jyvaskyla to pick up groceries for the cook-out we were going to have later that night. We stayed at Jvaskylan Laajavuori Oy, which is a resort for skiing in the winter, and for mountain biking in the summer. We brought our stuff to our rooms and immediately changed to get ready for the cook-out and sauna. We walked about 5 minutes from the hostel to a cabin in the woods which was on a lake. We all cooked some great food together and had a few beers. Then it was time for the sauna. Tradition is to go in the sauna for a bit then to jump into the lake, or a cold shower. Your suppose to do this about 3 times to clean out your pores. I’m usually a big baby when it comes to jumping into cold water or even standing in the cold for that matter, but I did it! I sat in the sauna for about 10 minutes, ran to the dock, and jumped into the lake. It was so refreshing, and it was such an amazing feeling to look around and realize I was in a lake in the middle of the forest in Finland. After doing it once, I had to do it 2 more times. Apparently there are 1.6 saunas in Finland for each person, and after this experience, I understand why.


2 thoughts on “Finland: Day 1

  1. Sounds wonderful Kristin. So glad you are getting to experience all these new things and expand your horizons in the process. Very impressive blog – enjoying it very much. Miss you! Love you, Aunt Joy.

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