Sweden: Day 3

Monday morning we had breakfast at the Hostel and departed for the Woodland Cemetery, which is right in Stockholm, Sweden. There were three different chapels located at this cemetery, the Resurrection Chapel, the Woodland Chapel, and the Holy Cross Chapel. The landscape was really beautiful, and being there was very peaceful and relaxing. The chapels were all very interesting and most of them were very intimate spaces.

We then left for Hammarby Sjostad by is a new growing city focused on sustainability. It was a really cool area, I could really see myself living somewhere like this in the future. We had lunch here by the water which was delicious and then got back on the bus to head back into Stockholm.

Our next stop was the Stadsbibloteket (City Library) in Stockholm. When we were building our models, the group next to me built this model so I had a little bit of an idea of what it looked like but I was really impressed. It was a very interesting space.

After that we had an optional visit to the Millesgarden which was not far out the city. I decided to go and I was really glad I did. The museum is used for antique collections, a sculpture garden, and an art gallery.

After that we left for the Viking Line, which was our overnight ferry to Finland. It basically was a lower class cruise ship. They assigned rooms this time and I was really glad they did. I was set up with 3 girls I had never met before and this in a way forced me to meet some new people. They were all really sweet and the 4 of us get along really well. We had a buffet style dinner on the boat at 9:30 pm which was pretty good, and the best part was free wine and beer during dinner. I of course took advantage of that. After dinner a large group of us went to the little disco bar on the boat and danced for a bit. It was a lot of fun but we lost an hour that night on our way to Finland so I tried to go to bed early. Early being midnight I believe.


One thought on “Sweden: Day 3

  1. Good hearing from you, Kristin. What an education you are getting and how did this trip come about? I’m interested in how an architectural seminar happens. I’m happy you had the money to attend. I haven’t seen any of Europe but think the experience opens up your mind to other opinions and enjoying other people, other than Americans. Loved all your pictures.
    Love, Jan

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