Finland: Day 3

Thursday Morning we had another typical hostel breakfast at the Soko’s Presidentti. At all of the hostels we stayed at they offered a buffet which had bread, some cold cuts, scrambled eggs, oatmeal and some fruit which tasted like it was frozen. It wasn’t the best breakfast I’ve ever had but I was grateful that we had one offered in the mornings before our long days.

Thursday was one of our easier days. Our first sites were Alvar Aalto’s Studio and House. We had a brief tour at each and at this point, I feel like I’m really beginning to understanding his work. It’s very easy now to pinpoint his style and all the little details he puts in.

We then went to the Kiasma in downtown Helsinki. Yay! Another Modern Art Museum! I was blown away by this building. The spaces inside were beautiful. There was an exhibition on Africa and Contemporary Art. It was an interesting exhibition, not as horrifying as some of the other art I’ve come across in modern art museums.

After the museum we were set free for the day to explore the city! They gave us a map and a list of different buildings and sites in the area we would be interested in. We had lunch, went to a few places around the city and attempted to do some shopping. I bought a scarf and bracelets. = ] I LOVE HELSINKI! I had so much fun exploring the city.

We had a dinner reservation at 7:30pm at a restaurant right in downtown Helsinki near our Hotel. The restaurant had this strange western-theme to it, it was actually pretty funny-looking. After dinner we all got together and drank in the hotel.


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