Final Project!

I’m sorry I haven’t really blogged in a while, I’ve been super busy over here. Never a dull moment. We’ve been working on our Final Project the last few weeks. The last week has been really rough. Lots of work, not much sleep. I spent 48 hrs in the studio straight over the weekend, during Fashion week…That’s dedication right? Anyways. I had my Final Presentation this morning & it went really well. = ] Lots of great feedback, and I learned a lot from critique.

So here is Assignment 2: Pumpehuset Hostel

The site was built in 1857 and was an industrial waterworks plant. It was designed in the Romanesque style by N.S. Nebelong. Since the waterworks complex was rebuilt in 1951, this building has been out of use. The machine house has been used as a music venue featuring  events and concerts and drawing in a young  alternative crowd.

Our job was to turn this building into a youth hostel. We started collaborating research before and after our Sweden/Finland tour and then we basically had 3 weeks to finish our design and be ready to present. For my concept I wanted to create a modern industrial design that would reflect the previous use of the building as a waterworks industrial plant. I wanted to contrast between new and old scandinavian architecture by utilizing the existing structure, while also taking a modern style approach. After our experiences in hostels, I really wanted to create an environment that would give guests the privacy they needed but also promote social interaction. I think its really important for guests to feel safe and secure and have their space, but also to have fun and get to know other people along their journey. So here is my Presentation board


We handed in our visual journal and then have our Final exam tomorrow morning. After that we have exhibition where all of our work is displayed in a gallery. We get two free drinks & dinner. = ] I have a lot more to do and see and I fly back to the states saturday morning…. So I will continue to be busy and on-the-go non-stop. I’m going to see everything I possible can before I leave. I love it here…this went by too fast..I don’t want to leave.


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