Christiania & The Round Tower

Yesterday morning we had our Final Exam. It was a written exam with 14 questions to choose from. We had to write 5 short answer essays which had to do with our lectures and readings. It went well, I feel pretty confident in my answers for all of the questions. After that went to Christiania to have lunch and do some shopping. Christiania is a free town which was founded in 1971 by a group of hippies who developed it into an alternative society with its own regulated set of rules separate from the government. I saw that some of the rules were: no cars, no stealing, no guns, no bullet-proof vests, no hard drugs, no flash bombs? and no cameras. I didn’t understand the camera rule until someone explained to me that the government has tried to shut it down for some time. Christiania is a really interesting area. Most of the citizens are artisans, so there’s a lot of really interesting art throughout, such as metal work ( jewelry), carpentry, graffiti, glass work, etc. From what I’ve heard and seen, they seem more known for the cannabis… they have stands through out. They have a lot of great cafe’s and vegetarian places too! We went and had lunch at this little place where these two women cooked a ton of different dishes and it worked like a buffet. Everything was homemade and delicious! After that we went to see the Trinitatis Church and climb the round tower. Omi Lord..what an accomplishment. It’s 40 meters  high but it was so worth the climb, the view was amazing!!!

Both Christiania and the Round Tower are really close to my Kollegium, I actually pass them almost everyday on my run, so we walked back to our Kolleguim and got ready for the exhibition and dinner. The Exhibition was really cool! We got to see projects from all the different programs like textiles, furniture, urban design, architecture and graphic design. After that we had our social and had dinner and drinks.

I started doing laundry and packing today = [ .Our plan is to go see some more sites in the city, go to Tivoli and then our Professors invited all of us Interior Architecture students over for a little social later. = ] I’m pretty excited about that because I really loved both of my Professors and I want to go get them a card to let them know how great they were and how much I learned from them.


2 thoughts on “Christiania & The Round Tower

  1. Dear Kristin, I have so enjoyed your adventures, reading about places where I have not been. Think you’ve done a good job in your studies and know that you’re proud of yourself. What an accomplishment!

    What are your plans now that you’re going home – does this mean Schenectady or back to college or to a different city? Good luck wherever your travels may continue to take you. Feel as though I now know you.

    Love, Jan

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